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Police probe alleged child enticement incident

The Fremont Police Department is investigating an alleged child enticement/suspicious activity from Monday afternoon.

At about 4 p.m., a bus dropped off a student at Linden Elementary, located at 735 W. Linden Ave. The student then began walking.

As the student approached Keene Avenue, they walked by a parked black vehicle with tinted windows. Two Hispanic males exited the vehicle and asked the child if they wanted some smoke. The student ran and heard the car accelerate rapidly from the area.

Police said the student described one man as taller with messy braided hair and a rose tattoo on his face and the other as a shorter man with frizzy hair and a tear drop tattoo.

Both men were thought to be in their 30s, wearing all black with black bandannas wrapped around their heads.
The vehicle was described as a 4-door black vehicle, possibly a Nissan Altima or something similar, with rust on the wheel wells.
Police said there is no other information known about the males or their vehicle at this time.
Anyone with information, may contact Crimestoppers at 402-727-4002 and refer to case No. 4670.

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