Fremont Area Veterans Coalition Presents Shadow Boxes to Veterans and Families

FREMONT- Early July 2020, Cobalt Credit Union presented a $1500.00 check to the Fremont Area Veterans Coalition to be utilized to present Veterans’ shadow boxes.

The Fremont Area Veterans Coalition recently presented one of these shadow boxes to Ellie Myers.

Myer’s great uncle, Roger Franklin, was a U.S. Army Veteran who recently passed away. The shadow box was presented to Myers during a ceremony held at Buffalo Wild Wings. Medals and awards that Franklin received from the military will be placed inside the shadow box.

The Fremont Area Veterans Coalition Executive Director David Rangeloff indicated “Many Veterans will benefit from this gracious donation and these shadow boxes will be handed down to loved ones so memories of these Veterans are not forgotten.”

The Fremont Area Veterans Coalition is located at 827 N D Street and they assist Veterans with employment, training, Veteran benefits, and supportive services.

If you would like to donate so Veterans and their families can receive a shadow box the link is

Currently, if anyone knows of a Veteran needing a wheelchair ramp they are to contact David Rangeloff with the Fremont Area Veterans Coalition at 402-720-0364.

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