City News This Week: Joint Law Enforcement Center Talk with Asst City Admin Shane Wimer

Bob Flittie contributed this report

FREMONT – With Brian Newton on vacation, Assistant City Administrator, Shane Wimer, was Bob Flittie’s guest on the radio Monday. The primary topic was the proposed City of Fremont-Dodge County Joint Law Enforcement Center.


Shane Wimer briefly reviewed the past use of the current Police Station Building at Military and Park Avenue:


Wimer said there are many challenges, including parking:


The Assistant Administrator said there’s no room for growth:


Wimer reviewed the recent public activities, inclucing a Virtual Tour, to help educate the public about the needs and limitations of the building:


Among the amenities the current building lacks, said Wimer, is a locker room. The current police department building doesn’t have an actual locker room for officers:


Wimer said a Joint Law Enforcement Center would have many common areas:


Other common areas would be a gym, break room, showers and a training room:


One major need is more space for evidence storage:


The inadequate storage space in the current police station created the need to build temporary storage in tight quarters:


Shane Wimer reviewed what it could cost to simply remodel or expand:


Recruiting future police officers is important, and facility limitations can be an impediment in those efforts, says Wimer:


Shane added more about recruiting and facilities:


At the end of the interview, Bob Flittie asked Shane Wimer, who is also a member of the Fremont Police Department why he remains in law enforcement after his 30-year career:


You can listen to the full interview on our Podcast page. 

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