Fremont City Council June 30 Meeting Recap

FREMONT- The Fremont City Council met Tuesday, June 30. The meeting began at 7:07 pm and adjourned shortly after 11:00 pm.

Rod and Gun Club Levy Breach

City Administrator Brian Newton gave the report on the Rod and Gun Club Levy Breach Repair agenda item.

During the last Joint Water Management Board meeting, Newton said they discussed that Ventura had plans to dredge the lake and deposit the sand and silt onto the breach. Newton said this would reduce costs significantly as they would not have to pay for trucks or the material, but they had little to no funding to completely repair the breach. With the help of Lottie Mitchell, they applied for a Community Development Block Grant (emergent threat) available through the state of Nebraska. This is the same grant program that helped finish the repairs to the Ames dike.

Newton shared in his report that Dodge County was informed on June 30 that they were awarded the Community Development Block Grant (emergent threat) to help fund the final repairs for the breach at the Rod and Gun Club. It is a $485,000 grant which will pay for 75% of the cost. The other 25% will be split between the City of Fremont, Dodge County, and the NRD. The City of Fremont approved to pay their share ($50,000) by a 8-0 vote.

This final repair was originally estimated to cost $612,680 by JEO. It will build upon the temporary work already done this spring and will receive certification from the core of engineers. This certification ensures that any future costs associated with damage to the levy will be the core of engineer’s responsibility.

Financial Update as a Result of Covid-19

The City Council received an update on the impact of Covid-19 on the city’s finances.

In March, the city estimated a reduction in revenue of over 1 million dollars due to the pandemic in the worst case scenario.

Over the course of the last 3 months (April-June) receipts have shown that city is no longer projecting a reduction in overall receipts due to Covid-19.

Groups that faced the largest impact were

  • Lodging taxes (-87%)
  • Food and beverage receipts (-20%)
  • Keno receipts (-45%)

Though these categories were negatively impacted, sales tax receipts were strong and Fremont is still outpacing budget for the fiscal year. Recent growth and the mix of current construction projects, essential manufacturing, healthcare, and a strong real estate market have helped keep the economy strong in Fremont throughout the pandemic. No action was taken on this item.

Ronin Pool Open Swimming Beginning July 2nd

A motion by the council to approve a plan for Ronin pool to reduce its fee and implement a reservation system was approved 8-0 by the Fremont City Council. There will be five sessions of open swim each day beginning July 2. For more information on sessions click here:

Due to hours at the pool being limited, council approved to reduce admission prices from $4 per person to $2 per person. Individuals must pre-register and payment is made at the pool. There is a maximum of 50 swimmers for each session.

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