City of Fremont’s Green Initatives: Electric Vehicles & Solar Power

Bob Flittie contributed this report.


FREMONT – The City of Fremont has multiple “green energy” initiatives, including a solar power farm, incentives to help people purchase electric vehicles, and free power stations to keep the vehicles “fueled” after they buy.

Some time ago, Fremont began participation in a pilot incentive program to encourage purchasing electric vehicles.  It offered substantial rebates for selected, qualified vehicles.  Chris Walz asked City Administrator Brian Newton for an update:



There are two electric vehicle charging station in Fremont, one downtown adjacent to the Ilgenfritz Parking structure and the other next to the HyVee Convenience Store on 23rd.  Chris Walz wondered if Fremont might in the future have an interest in pursuing what’s called “Level-3 Charging Stations.” Brian commented:



The two Solar Farms in Fremont are so quiet that we sometimes forget they are working for us.  Brian Newton’s brief comment:


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