3RPHD: 238 Tested, 30 Positive from Sunday Mass Testing

FREMONT  – Three Rivers Public Health Department (3RPHD) worked with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Nebraska’s National Guard to conduct a mass testing event last Sunday, May 10. Over 200 tests were completed.

From the testing event, 30 new confirmed cases were identified. Those cases include:

  • 6 pediatric cases in Dodge County
  • 20 adults in Dodge County
  • 4 adults outside of the Three Rivers Public Health jurisdiction

The event was held at Christensen Field in Fremont. 3RPHD worked in collaboration with local partners like hospitals, food production facilities, and the emergency management office to identify potential candidates for testing.  Additionally, close contacts of previously confirmed cases were also invited for testing. In total, 238 individuals were tested.

One thought on “3RPHD: 238 Tested, 30 Positive from Sunday Mass Testing

  1. when a person who lives with multiple people has the virus, should the rest of the family also quarantine themselves? If so you might want to make this more of a point so everyone will take this virus seriously.

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