City News This Week with Brian Newton & Bob Flittie

FREMONT – Brian Newton’s Monday visit with Bob Flittie covered several City Council matters in addition to the south Beltway.  Fremont’s City Administrator said the designs and plans for that 3.2-mile expressway connector should be up for a second public viewing quite soon:

Flittie asked Newton if the process for design and construction is unusually difficult with land acquisition:

And he asked if there were “wetlands” considerations:

Bob wondered where the construction would start, and in Brian’s response, learned that the Main Street exit off the New Beltway into Fremont would be elevated by 15-feet:

Regarding Tuesday night’s City Council meeting at 7:00pm, Brian Newton spoke about the proposed 4-way agreement involving the City, Midland University, the Expedition Baseball League and the proposed new collegiate baseball team:

Newton also reported that the City will begin installing the New downtown Christmas wreaths today, funded by Main Street Fremont and the Business Improvement District (B-I-D)