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Milliken Park student found in possession of handgun

A Milliken Park Elementary student was found in possession of a handgun this morning, but all students and staff are safe.

The incident happened at about 8 this morning. Fremont police were immediately called and took control of the situation.

The initial investigation revealed the student believed the gun was a toy and brought it to school to show others. No students or staff were threatened or harmed.

Fremont Associated Superintendent Brad Dahl lauded the teacher who reported the incident.

“The protocol we have in place worked,” he said. “A staff member noticed something out of the ordinary and intervened immediately. The Fremont Police were called, responded and began their investigation.”

Fremont police said this afternoon that the investigation is continuing.

“Fremont Public Schools takes all situations seriously,” Dahl said. “Student and staff safety is our top priority.”

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