Missing inmate turns himself in at corrections center

An inmate who disappeared from the Community Corrections Center – Lincoln last week, has returned to the facility on his own.

Gary Filip turned himself in at CCC-L Wednesday. Authorities were notified on June 14 that he failed to return to the facility following a work assignment in the community.

Filip started his sentence on Jan. 10, 2010. He was sentenced to 21 years and eight months to 37 years on charges out of Buffalo and Sarpy counties that include robbery, possession of oxycontin, use of a firearm to commit a felony and receiving stolen property. Filip has a parole eligibility date of Jan. 13, 2023, and a tentative release date of Sept. 14, 2030.


CCC-L is one of two community custody facilities operated by the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. Community custody is the lowest custody level and the least restrictive facility. Inmates are allowed to participate in work opportunities, attend school and religious services with prior approval and without direct supervision.

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