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Coin show set for Sunday at Christensen Field

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Bob Missel is excited for Sunday.
Missel, one of the event organizers for the 63rd Annual Coin Show, said the 2022 event will be a lot of fun for those looking to buy, sell, or trade coins, tokens, currency, cards and other items.
“We’ve got a great coin show lined up,” Missel said. “We’ve got about 27 coin dealers that will be in attendance at this event. It will be one of the biggest shows that we’ve ever had.”
The show, featuring dealers from a five-state area, is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Christensen Field. Admission is free.
Missel said the show this year features an added attraction.
“We’re including a few rock, gem and mineral dealers so if you are into fossils and things like that we’ll have a row of tables of those guys on hand,” he said. ”
Missel said the show provides an opportunity to make a connection to find out the value of collections, including those that may have been inherited from a family member. He said he has served as an appraiser.
“People want to get the best value. I have people that come up to me and just want to know what they have,” he said. “Maybe they are going to split it up between family members. There are other people that need the money so they want to raise the cash so I’ll work with the families and we’ll do an appraisal evaluation of what they have. Sometimes I’ll literally buy it from them and other times I may assist them such as putting it on an auction. It just depends on what they have.”
Missel said the price of gold is about $1,900 an ounce while silver is about $24 an ounce.
“We’ll have a lot of that available at the show if people are interested in picking up some precious metals as well as collectible coins,” he said.
Missel said the hobby is becoming more popular.
“It is interesting, I think people spent a lot of time at home during (the pandemic) and they dusted off that box that was in a closet somewhere and found dad’s old coin collection,” he said. “It caused them to get interested in the hobby. I’ve had a lot of calls like that. … I think there is kind of a renewed interest in it.”

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