3RPHD Gives Vaccine Update for Saunders County


SAUNDERS COUNTY – The Three Rivers Public Health Department, Saunders Medical Center, and Ashland Pharmacy have announced a partnership that will help launch the community COVID-19 vaccination effort beginning with those 75 years of age and older in Saunders County, Nebraska.

Vaccinations for this age group will begin this week starting with those who have already submitted their names via the Three Rivers Public Health Department waitlist. Vaccinations will be distributed at sites in Saunders County and provided by appointment only on designated days and times.

“We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with Saunders Medical Center and Ashland Pharmacy to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the community,” said Terra Uhing, executive director of the Three Rivers Public Health Department. “There has been much interest from our 65-plus population in getting the vaccine. This is a population that is most at risk for COVID-19, so being able to get them vaccinated is a step in the right direction with the pandemic.”

Saunders Medical Center will be using the Three Rivers Health Department waitlist to contact individuals to schedule vaccination appointments. Individuals being vaccinated must commit to receiving both the first and second doses – with the second dose being administered approximately 28 days after the first dose.

“We are proud to be able to assist in the distribution of the vaccine for Saunders County. The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone,” said Stacie Sabatka, Clinic Director at Saunders Medical Center. “Saunders Medical Center is truly committed to the residents of Saunders county and are grateful to be able to administer this vaccine. We appreciate our partnership with Three Rivers Health Department and thank them for their guidance.”

“We are really excited to provide this necessary vaccine for our community,” said Staci Hubert, Owner/Pharmacist in Charge at Ashland Pharmacy.

Through the partnership, the Three Rivers Public Health Department will initially allocate 100 doses per week to Saunders Medical Center and 30 doses per week to Ashland Pharmacy. There is a possibility that the weekly allocation will grow in the coming weeks if state and federal supply increases.

Saunders Medical Center will be contacting residents for vaccinations in the order in which they registered for the Three Rivers Health Department waitlist. Based on the amount of vaccine received, this process will take some time, so officials are asking for the community’s patience.

Individuals 65 and older who want to be vaccinated and have not yet registered with the health department are encouraged to do so by sending an email to covid@3rphd.org. If individuals are unable to register online, they can contact a Three Rivers Public Health Department dedicated sign-up phone number at (402) 704-2247 and leave a voicemail.

2 thoughts on “3RPHD Gives Vaccine Update for Saunders County

    • The health department has not yet opened a registration list for those under the age of 65 with health conditions. We’ll definitely post the registration link when they do!

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