NCAA Tables Football Championship Discussion Until August Meeting

ANAHEIM, CA – The NCAA has delayed its decision on the question of fall 2020 football championships. The board met last Friday to discuss whether to cancel championship events on the Division I, Division II, Division III and FCS levels – but chose to table the topic until August 4th.

“Today the Board of Governors and I agreed that we must continue to thoughtfully and aggressively monitor health conditions around the country and the implementation of the COVID-19 guidelines we issued last week,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert.

“The health and well-being of college athletes is the highest priority in deciding whether to proceed with our 22 NCAA championships beginning in late November,” Emmert continued in a statement. “We all remain deeply concerned about the infection trend lines we see. It is clear that the format of our championships will have to change if they are to be conducted in a safe and fair manner.”

As to the content of last week’s meeting, Emmert said, “We discussed other complexities in addition to the health and safety impacts, to include team availability, travel limitations and various local and state restrictions.”

The discussion will be continued in August.



NCAA Meeting to Discuss Fall Championships

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