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COVID-19 Reunites Sisters After 53 Years

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PHOTO by Daniel Johnson/Methodist Health System
FREMONT- A heartwarming family reunion has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. After 53 years, two sisters were reunited at Dunklau Gardens at Methodist Fremont Health in Fremont.
73-year-old Doris Crippen of Omaha came down with Covid-19 in early May and spent 30 days at Methodist Fremont Health.  She returned home as a survivor but was still weak.  Then, Doris fell and broke her arm. Crippin then began spending rehab time at Dunklau Gardens at Methodist Fremont Health.
Bev Boro has worked as a Medication Aide at Dunklau Gardens for 22 years. Bev has always tried to find Doris, but only had her name to go on.

Doris recalls that she had not seen Bev since she was six months old and held her, but they said they were still able to make the connection. Doris tells us about their meeting.

The sisters say this isn’t a random reunion, they believe it was meant to be. COVID-19 gave them hope and reconnected their family.
Next, they hope to bring all the remaining brothers and sisters together and host a large family reunion.
“It’s wonderful. We don’t have to search anymore. The journey’s over,” Crippen said.

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