3RPHD Gives Update On COVID-19 Cases – 17 New Cases Over The Weekend


Three Rivers Public Health Department (3RPHD) gave an update on Monday afternoon on total lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases within the district. Parentheses indicate changes since Friday’s 3RPHD update.

  • Dodge County: 683 cases (+11)
  • Saunders County: 77 cases (+3)
  • Washington County: 50 cases (+3)

Total 3RPHD Case Count: 810 cases (+17)

Over the last 14 days, Dodge County has seen 57 new cases. Dodge County is still ranked 4th overall in new case counts over the 14 day period.

  1. Douglas: 1,254 cases
  2. Lancaster: 234 cases
  3.  Sarpy: 225 cases
  4. Dodge 57 cases

Washington County has seen 5 cases and Saunders County has seen 18 new cases over the last 14 days.

Total 3RPHD Cases Over 14 Day Period (June 15-29): 80 new cases

As of Monday morning, local hospitals reported 301 (+32) medical beds were available and 96 (-4) patients were hospitalized with COVID-19. Of the 362 ventilators available to area hospitals, 114 (-12) were in use, including 21 (-3) for confirmed COVID-19 patients.

According to the Nebraska DHHS dashboard, there have been 18,899 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 13,322 recoveries within the state. Nebraska has tested 175,484 people and has had 156,373 negative test results. There are 267 reported deaths.

Assume that COVID-19 is present in all our communities and conduct yourself accordingly. Please be aware of the COVID-19 symptoms, which may include a fever, cough, sore throat, severe fatigue, loss of taste, and smell, or difficulty breathing. In most cases, a person will have more than one of these symptoms. Anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or develops symptoms should contact their health care provider and tell them how you are feeling and any possible history of exposure. Please call ahead before you go to the doctor’s office or an emergency room.

As some restrictions due to COVID -19 are relaxed, 3RPHD asks you to remember the basics. Maintain social distancing, wear a cloth mask in public, and wash your hands often for 20 seconds with soap and water. It is a time to take care of yourself and remember to reach out and help others when you can.

Test Nebraska is here and 3RPHD is encouraging more individuals to seek testing. Help us identify cases, predict and give employers and the public reassurance that those who have COVID-19 know it and are staying home. Visit https://www.testnebraska.com/en to take the test and see the schedule. There is no cost for this test through Test Nebraska.

Why is it important to consider testing?

  • The sooner 3RPHD can identify COVID-19 cases, the sooner we can get back to our normal way of life.
  • In addition to social distancing, widespread testing is a proven, effective way to combat the spread of COVID-19.
  • Testing gives us crucial data that we need to track the spread of the virus, contain it, and to help find a cure and save lives. For more information about COVID-19 please visit www.threeriverspublichealth.org, http://dhhs.ne.gov/coronavirus.

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