3RPHD: 460 Cases in this Jurisdiction as of Wednesday


FREMONT – Nine new cases of COVID-19 were disclosed by Three Rivers Public Health Department (3RPHD) on Wednesday, all in Dodge county.

Lab-confirmed cases within this jurisdiction are as follows:

  • Dodge County:  401 cases
  • Saunders County:  31 cases
  • Washington County:  28 cases

Total 3RPHD Case Count:  460 cases

As of Wednesday morning, local hospitals reported 377 medical beds were available – 53 fewer beds than on Tuesday morning. 163 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19. This represents an increase of 23 COVID-19 patients hospitalized since Tuesday morning.

Of the 376 ventilators available to area hospitals, 139 were in use, including 44 for confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Ten Nebraskans diagnosed with COVID-19 have died since Tuesday morning. The state now has nearly 13,000 confirmed cases.

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