Fremont Public School Foundation Honors 2020 Fremont High School Scholars

FREMONT – The Fremont Public Schools Foundation recently honored 50 students who graduated with a 3.75 GPA or higher, and who have completed the most academically rigorous curriculum the Fremont Public Schools have to offer.

Historically, the Foundation hosts an Academic Achievement Awards Banquet, but that event had to be cancelled due to the current situation.  The Foundation Board still wanted to do something to honor these students, so individual Foundation Board Members personally delivered the Certificate and Foundation gift, normally presented to the students at the Banquet, to each of the students.

Students honored include:


Ryan Acuna                                        Destiny Klanecky

Jessica Alcorn                                     Jonathon Kment

Hannah Bates                                      Kaitlynn Leffler

Caitlyn Beecher                                  Keegan Menning

Jackson Bixby                                     Mason Moore

Turner Blick                                        Katelyn Morton

Andrew Blocker                                  Rylee Mumford

Samantha Bobbett                              Annahi Nolasco

Kenan Brodd                                      Mack Prince

Steven Buer                                        Matthew Rayl

Kyle Camenzind                                 Carter Richmond

Brian Camey-Castellanos                   Makenzie Ridder

Tiffany Carnahan                                Jackson Ross

Sergio Chavez Morales                       Taylor Sorensen

Liliana Cudly                                      Callie Stewart

Melody Davis                                     Dylan Stone

Ellee Egr                                             Conner Tacner

Leah Fitzke                                         Alexis Tolliver

David Garcia                                       Madison Ustohal

Katelyn Geaghan                                Brandt Walla

Ainsley Gerten                                    Marysa Webb

Alexandra Glosser                              Grant Westerman

Alysa Grummert                                 Emma Woods

Morgan Hansen                                  Olivia Wright

Jovany Hernandez Corona                  Nathan Wusk


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