City News This Week with Brian Newton & Bob Flittie

FREMONT – City Administrator, Brian Newton, made his regular Monday visit to Big Dog Radio. In his visit with Bob Flittie, Newton covered several topics.

Work on the city auditorium should be underway soon. A “Request for Proposals” has gone out to interested bidders. Newton summarized the work that will be done:

Brian noted last week’s “Doug Bereuter Accomplished Community Award” given to Fremont, and reviewed some notable uses of LB-840 local sales tax and Community Development grant:

Newton covered some City projects, including a need to delay work on the Luther Road & Morningside Intersection:


And he summarized the nearly completed City Bike Trail Project, which just has a stretch, called the “Rawhide Trail,” to complete:


Lastly, we’ve all been waiting for the official unveiling of the Railroad Crossing monitoring program. Newton says the public should be able to use a website to see crossing information within the week, though the app is still not complete.