City News This Week With Brian Newton & Bob Flittie

FREMONT – The Fremont City Planning Commission Monday afternoon dealt with the applications from Hoppe and Sons for a Planned Development of up to 240 multi-family dwelling units at the corner of Luther Road and County Road-T, near Ritz Lake.

Bob Flittie asked Brian Newton, City Administrator, to share an overview of the growth of housing in the City, especially affordable housing:


And Newton added that Hoppe is not likely to built in phases; rather, they will probably “do it all”


The administrator also spoke of the long-term housing needs:


And, related to housing, Bob and Brian discussed the upcoming US Federal Census and what it will miss:


During Brian Newton’s visit with Bob Flittie on Monday, the discussion turned to the use of S-I-D’s (Sanitary Improvement Districts) in one development: Bluestem Development.


Using an S-I-D is primarily up to the developer, says Brian:


And Bob wanted to know if the use of an S-I-D was a disadvantage to the City: