City News This Week with Bob Flittie & Brian Newton

FREMONT – With the City’s announcement that electric, sewer and natural gas rates for Fremont residents are going up over the next two years, Bob Flittie asked City Administrator Brian Newton to offer some explanation & background:

First, regarding increased electric rates, Newton said:


Then in regard to the sewer rates, Newton noted the $4-million improvements, which have been mandated by the State:


And Newton Added:


The natural gas rate increases are mainly due to a huge jump of $2-million in a transmission charge by Northern Natural Gas:


Brian said the City has joined a group opposing the huge increase, but hearings won’t be held until next year:


Brian Newton also said that Fremont’s natural gas rates remain relatively low:


During Brian Newton’s visit with Bob Flittie on Monday, he provided updated information about the Community Development Grants, which will help fund levee repair at Ames and Fremont:


Fremont’s Municipal Building (City Hall) will soon be getting a new elevator. Due to work preparing for the projects,  other work on the building must take place.  City Administrator, Brian Newton, says that work means the City’s Drive-thru window will be closed all this week:


You can hear the full interview on our Podcast page.