Competitive Cookers Gather in Columbus Parking Lot to Cook for Those in Need

COLUMBUS – A one of a kind smoke-off to help those in need, is back this weekend, but instead of cooking in a driveway, they’ve upgraded to a parking lot.

Jake’s Smoke Shack and Friends Cooking for a Cause, is getting ready to help out the Center for survivors for the second strait year. The previous two years, competitive smokers from around the state gathered in Jason Witmore’s driveway in Columbus, to cook meals for those in need. Because the event is growing, they’ve had to upgrade to the parking lot of the Eagles Club.

In addition to cooking, the group is also accepting donations to help those in need, and they are hoping to receive a good number of donations the day of the event.

The Eagles Club is incentivizing residents to bring donations the day of the event, by offering families who do, a free burger on one of their burger nights.

The crew will be cooking over 200 lbs of turkey and over 200 lbs of pork butts the day of the event, thanks in part to a large donation of meet.

If you would like to donate, you can check out the list of needed items below. The event runs from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and you can learn more in the Columbus Community Spotlight, presented by Bank of the Valley, above.

This years smokers:

Allen Jackson(3 dawgs and a bone) Norfolk, Kory Vering(Husker Chops) Cornlea, Mark May(Kicken Bull BBQ.) Plainview. Waylon Teller(Bacon Express) Columbus. Jared Sprunk(Wild Boar BBQ) Platte Center. Mark Stoffel(Buddies Smoking & Grill. Wisner. C.J. Brewster(Ain’t going to lick itself BBQ) Schuyler. Joe Mark(Smoking Joe’s BBQ) Columbus. Marty Krings(Smokerings BBQ) Humphrey. Tod Adams(3B’s BBQ)Norfolk. Adam Wolfe(Wolfenditter) Stanton. Marty Widger(lily reba BBQ) Elgin, Brian Rosno(BJ’s and more) and Jake’s Smoke Shack(Columbus)