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Local News for the Fremont Area

Fremont's Salvation Army Pantry Runs Low as Cold Temperatures Creep In

FREMONT - As temperatures begin to slide down into the 20s and 30s during the overnight hours, many low income families find themselves faced with the associated costs: season-appropriate clothing, heating bills, and more. All of these issues take bites out of the family budget and can leave little leftover for grocery shopping. Food pantries, like the one at the Fremont Salvation Army location...

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Deadline to Sign Up for Salvation Army Christmas Assistance Fast Approaching

FREMONT - Many of us are familiar with the Salvation Army's Angel Trees - displayed in area businesses in November and December, bearing the...

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City News This Week With Bob Flittie & Brian Newton: October 15

FREMONT - The Fremont City Planning Commission had a short meeting Monday afternoon. It was to approve a zoning change from Rural to General...

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Local Candidate Forum Will Help Dodge County Voters Decide

FREMONT - Candidates for City Council and Dodge County Attorney have been invited to participate in a candidate forum organized by the Frem...

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Fremont Police Report Weekend of Criminal Mischief, Open Containers and More

FREMONT - The Fremont Police Department had a weekend filled with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and worse. In the overnight Frida...

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RentWise Class Will Teach Good Renting Skills

FREMONT - Whether it's your first home or your fifteenth, renting a place to live can be a difficult and confusing process for some. Two Fre...

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LED Lighting Has Bright Future in Fremont

FREMONT - With our neighbors in Lincoln having begun a yearlong project to convert all streetlights to LED lighting, many in Fremont are rea...

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FHS Student Payton Eyler Earns National Merit Commendation

FREMONT - Fremont High School Principal Scott Jensen announced today that Payton Eyler has been named a Commended Student in the 2019 Natio...

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Flittie Files - State Patrol Talks Tinted Windows, Traffic, and More

FREMONT - I sat down with a Nebraska State Trooper this week and it was an eye-opener.  Widely known as “Trooper Dave” to listeners of...

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UYSS Coat Giveaway Creates Warmer Winter for Over 160 People

FREMONT - Over 160 people will be a lot warmer this winter as a result of the Uniquely Your Stability Support (UYSS) coat drive and Warmer W...

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