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Local News for the Fremont Area

City News This Week With Bob Flittie & Brian Newton: October 15

FREMONT - The Fremont City Planning Commission had a short meeting Monday afternoon. It was to approve a zoning change from Rural to General Commercial to allow for developers of the Poultry Plant operations to construct a “Demonstration Building.” City Administrator, Brian Newton explains what is planned: During his Monday visit with Bob Flittie, Brian Newton, Fremont’s Administr...

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Local Candidate Forum Will Help Dodge County Voters Decide

FREMONT - Candidates for City Council and Dodge County Attorney have been invited to participate in a candidate forum organized by the Frem...

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Fremont Police Report Weekend of Criminal Mischief, Open Containers and More

FREMONT - The Fremont Police Department had a weekend filled with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and worse. In the overnight Frida...

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RentWise Class Will Teach Good Renting Skills

FREMONT - Whether it's your first home or your fifteenth, renting a place to live can be a difficult and confusing process for some. Two Fre...

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LED Lighting Has Bright Future in Fremont

FREMONT - With our neighbors in Lincoln having begun a yearlong project to convert all streetlights to LED lighting, many in Fremont are rea...

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FHS Student Payton Eyler Earns National Merit Commendation

FREMONT - Fremont High School Principal Scott Jensen announced today that Payton Eyler has been named a Commended Student in the 2019 Natio...

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Flittie Files - State Patrol Talks Tinted Windows, Traffic, and More

FREMONT - I sat down with a Nebraska State Trooper this week and it was an eye-opener.  Widely known as “Trooper Dave” to listeners of...

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UYSS Coat Giveaway Creates Warmer Winter for Over 160 People

FREMONT - Over 160 people will be a lot warmer this winter as a result of the Uniquely Your Stability Support (UYSS) coat drive and Warmer W...

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FOUND: Missing 1 & 2 Year Old Boys Located in Utah

UPDATE - The two infant children missing from the Sidney, NE area have been located safe in the state of Utah. The EMA is cancelled; further...

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Vehicle Stolen From Fremont Business Parking Lot

FREMONT - It was after midnight last night when someone became the victim of a fairly large theft. In the overnight hours Tuesday-Wednesd...

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