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Local News for the Fremont Area

Long icicles hanging from roof could mean an ice dam; here's how to treat and prevent one

If the icicles hanging off your roof are an inch or longer, you probably have an ice dam on your hands. When snow accumulates on a rooftop, an unevenly heated attic can melt pockets of snow high on the roof. That moisture then trickles down the roof into the gutter, where it refreezes, creating a dense clog of ice. Given all the snow the Omaha metro has seen recently, houses across...

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Winter Storm Warning Issued for Eastern NE & Western IA

FREMONT - A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the majority of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, beginning Tuesday, February 19th at ...

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City News With Bob Flittie & Brian Newton

FREMONT - Bob Flittie spoke to  City Administrator, Brian Newton on Monday, in particular about the request for a $600,000 forgiveable loa...

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Fremont City Auditorium Remodel Update

FREMONT - Monday noon Bob Flittie visited with Fremont’s Park & Rec Director, Kim Kostki, about the status of the project to renovate...

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Tired of cold and snow? Get out and embrace the beauty, winter lovers say

Yes, cars are grimy, and furnaces have been working overtime in this abundantly cold and snowy winter. But for those who seek o...

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Flu Season Peak: How Close is Too Close During Flu Season?

FREMONT - Want to beat the odds of getting tagged with the flu? Given the severity of the 2017-18 season, it may be a good idea to put som...

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Seventy One Employers Will Gather at Midland U for Public Career & Internship Fair

FREMONT, Neb. – Midland University will welcome seventy-one employers from a wide range of industries and businesses to campus as part of ...

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Chamber Announces 2019 Excellence in Ag Winners

FREMONT -  The Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce’s Agricultural Business and Natural Resources Council is pleased to announce the three ho...

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Omaha Wedding Planner Wants to Give Away A Free Wedding

OMAHA - Whether you just got engaged on Valentine's day or you've been saving up for the wedding of your dreams, engaged couples in the area...

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Fremont Police Arrest Man for Identity Theft, Fraud, Impersonation

FREMONT -  Fremont Police arrested one man for fraud yesterday morning after he attempted to mislead police about his identity and legal dr...

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