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Krist Asks Ricketts to Agree to Another Debate - KETV on Board to Host

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist today made one final push to get Gov. Pete Ricketts to agree to a second debate. KETV-7 has agreed to host and would include NET and C-SPAN to provide co-coverage broadcasting throughout the state. Last week, KETV officially invited both campaigns to participate in a televised debate. The station offered any open date or time that would work for both candidates af...

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Sunkist Cleaners Closing After Boiler Break

FREMONT - A familiar place on Bell Street is closing for good - and soon - after a catastrophic failure of the building's boiler. Custome...

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City News This Week with Bob Flittie & Brian Newton

FREMONT - Bob Flittie and Fremont City Administrator covered pipelines, drones and solar farms during Monday’s discussion on Big Dog 98.9 ...

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FEMA Nationwide Alert Will Sound on Cell Phones October 3rd

FREMONT - If your cell phone starts blaring on one particular October afternoon, don't be alarmed - this is just a test. The Federal Emer...

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The Cold is Coming - Time to Move Plants Indoors

FREMONT - September is the best month for transitioning our houseplants from the outdoors to inside.  At this time of year, we don’t have...

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Fremont Police Log Busy Weekend; Multiple Citations & Arrests

FREMONT - The Fremont Police were busy this weekend, responding to dozens of calls, writing eight citations and making five arrests. Cita...

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Bergan Students Visit UYSS on Bergan's "Day of Mission"

FREMONT - Thursday was Archbishop Bergan’s Day of Mission, with students helping around Fremont.  Three of the students joined Bob Flitt...

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Celebration of Life for Sara Steiner This Sunday in Fremont

FREMONT - It's been nearly a week now, since a tragic accident claimed the life of Sara Steiner, an Omaha mother with Fremont roots. Now, th...

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Thefts From Garages Reported in Southeast Fremont Area

FREMONT - The Dodge County Sheriff's Office is looking for the those responsible for a pair of thefts in the south of Fremont, involving too...

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Fremont Police Urge: Lock Your Cars

FREMONT - Police are once again urging all citizens to lock their vehicles after two more thefts from unlocked cars were reported yesterday....

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