Make Mom Queen for a Day!

Moms: Be our Queen for a Day!


Monday 5/3: Park Avenue Antiques & Country Choice Gifts – $50 hanging flower basket – WINNER: MILES MERRITT


Tuesday 5/4: La Hacienda – $50 gift certificate – WINNER: AMY LOGEMANN


Wednesday 5/5: Sampter’s – $50 gift certificate – WINNER: TINA DAHIR


Thursday 5/6: Extreme Outdoor Power – Rechargeable Husqvarna hedge trimmer – WINNER: KRISTEN BEIERMANN


Friday 5/7: Sawyer’s Car Wash – Car washes for a year ($280 value, 24 basic washes) AND Willowspring Boutique – $50 gift certificate, Mama necklace, and beauty products! WINNER: RYAN ZAKOVEC






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14 thoughts on “Make Mom Queen for a Day!

  1. My Mom Theresa Macrander is a hard healthcare worker!! But she loves what she does. She is alway’s helping others in need!!

  2. My Daughter, Tara Quinn is always helping whoever she can and is a loving person that loves to cook. She often cooks and brings food for her dad and step mom.. Her dad really appreciates when she brings food. Because she is a really great cook….

  3. My mom suffered a spinal cord injury…but she still has a great attitude, she is a WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My mom passed away in 1966, so with that said, My sister’s Betty McDonald George and Roylene McDonald Harvey always took care of us 3 younger one. Love my sisters.

  5. My mother, Jacque Rahn, has always been very thoughtful. Always caring and patient and appreciative. She is now in Assisted living and this past year …. especially with the pandemic has been very hard.

  6. My mom lost her husband 2 years ago. Growing up I have seen and learned how to be strong in life and to keep getting back up. Watching her lose her husband and having to be so strong in a tough situation gave me even more lessons on being a strong woman.

  7. My mom has been through a lot and now I help to take care of her. She deserves to be queen for a day.

  8. My mother is not on Facebook so she pry won’t see this. She is a very kind person. She has always been there for myself, my sister, and all her grandchildren. She works 2 jobs to help support the family. She goes nights without sleep just to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. My mother is one amazing woman!!!!!!

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