Man Charged With False Imprisonment After Pregnant Woman Calls Ambulance

FREMONT – One Fremont man has been arrested on charges including false imprisonment after allegedly keeping a pregnant woman in a home against her will for days.

On Monday 12/03/2018 at approximately 10:00PM, police responded to an ambulance call from the 1600 block of west Dakota street.  At the scene, responders had contact with a 24-year-old pregnant woman who had minor injuries. The woman said these injuries were the result of an assault. As the police continued to investigate,  the woman also disclosed that she allegedly had not been allowed to leave the house for at least three days.

As a result of their investigation, Fremont police placed Dustin G. Hampton, 36, of Fremont under arrest. Charges against him include 3rd Degree Assault against a pregnant woman and 2nd Degree false imprisonment.

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