Harbaugh Pleads Not Guilty to 15 Counts of Fraud in Federal Court

FREMONT – Federal court records say 44-year-old Craig Harbaugh, owner of now-defunct Tactical Solutions Gear in Fremont, faces 13 counts of wire fraud and two more of counts bank fraud for acts committed between October 2014 and October 2019.

Harbaugh was arrested on the criminal charges Tuesday afternoon after facing civil actions seizing the assets of his business. He was in Federal custody until Wednesday afternoon, when he had his initial appearance before federal judge,  Michael D. Nelson.

At that hearing yesterday, he pleaded not guilty to each of the 15 charges. The prosecution alleges that Harbaugh defrauded at least six individuals and one bank: losses range from $40,000 to $4.89 million dollars.

  • Victims 1 & 2 lost $4.6 million.
  • Victim 3, $1.27 million.
  • Victim 4, $112,000.
  • Victim 5, $65,000.
  • Victim 6, $40,000.
  • Great Western Bank was also defrauded for over $4.89 million dollars.

The victims were all told that Harbaugh had secured, through TSG, contracts with State Patrol and government agencies for millions of dollars, and that their investments would fund the fulfillment of those contracts, yielding big returns.

This is a small segment from the indictment against Harbaugh in federal court.

Harbaugh was released from Federal custody on Wednesday afternoon to await his trial. He was ordered to remove all firearms from his home, and is under a no-contact order protecting his alleged victims.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will conduct their own internal investigation into Harbaugh’s conduct as a deputy, and he will remain on administrative leave – the DCSO is cooperating with the FBI on the federal investigation, as well.

Great Western Bank has executed a replevin action against Tactical Solutions Gear, taking possession of the store’s stock. “The bank’s policy is to not comment on pending legal matters,” stated Great Western, through a press release. “The bank has secured, through a third party, the inventory that was at the store and we are fully cooperating with the authorities in regards to this matter.”

If found guilty on all charges, Harbaugh could face over 300 years in prison.





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