FPD Arrests Man for Threats, Profane Language in Disorderly Conduct Incident

FREMONT – A man’s disturbing behavior landed him in jail last night after Fremont Police were called to a neighborhood street where a man was threatening passersby.

At  9:00PM on Monday, Fremont Police responded to a disorderly conduct complaint in the 1600 block of north Platte Avenue. A man was observed yelling and allegedly making threats to passersby. When police arrived, they observed him yelling profanities, and attempted to calm him down. Officers issued a warning to the man, and told him to remove himself from the neighborhood.

The man then threatened one of the responding officers with physical harm. Officers identified his behavior as dangerous to others, and attempted to place him under arrest. At this time, the man attempted to flee. After a short struggle, the man- identified as Joshua C. Grover, 31 of Fremont  – was arrested and will face charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest.