Tiny Nebraska town buzzing about 6th mild earthquake to hit in a week

Tiny Nebraska town buzzing about 6th mild earthquake to hit in a week
Arnold, Nebraska in 2013 (World-Herald News Service)

School kids and community members in a tiny Nebraska town are buzzing about a series of six mild earthquakes during the past week.

All the quakes have originated near the central Nebraska town of Arnold, a community of 600 people northeast of North Platte.

An official with the Village of Arnold said she’s not aware of any damage or injuries. Damage does not usually occur until the earthquake magnitude reaches above 4 or 5, according to the Colorado-based United States Geological Survey. The quakes near Arnold all have been under that range.

“It’s just kind of weird,” said Becky Dailey, treasurer of the Arnold Chamber of Commerce.

Dailey, who’s also an agent with First State Insurance, said the quakes have prompted a half-dozen of her customers to add earthquake coverage to their homeowners policies. None of her customers have reported any damage, she said.

The first quake hit about 4:30 a.m. April 9. Five more have followed, with the latest rattling about 4:50 p.m. Monday. They’ve ranged in magnitude from 2.5 to 3.7.

John Bellini of the Colorado-based United States Geological Survey said it’s not unusual for quakes to hit in the same area on consecutive days, and there is no cause for concern.

Dailey said folks are talking about the quakes at stores and restaurants, and there’s been some joking around about the rumblings.

Dailey said she got a text from a relative asking if Arnold is a “rock’n and roll’n” town.

Students in the Arnold Public Schools are talking about the quakes and asking teachers questions.

“They just say, ‘Was that one, was that another quake?'” said Superintendent Dawn Lewis.

Some teachers have used the quakes as a teaching moment, pulling up a federal earthquake website so students can learn about them.

Quakes occur on faults, or cracks in the Earth’s crust, and there are such fractures everywhere in the world including Nebraska.