Superintendent Reports Two Separate Threats

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Edwards reports  two separate school security issues on Thursday.

Edwards said a citizen appropriately reported a statement made at a local business that threatened violence involving the middle school.

Law enforcement came to check out the building and all four schools were put on lockdown.

In a second incident, a high school student called police dispatch and made a verbal threat against a teacher. Law enforcement determined the call originated from inside the high school.

Edwards: “This threat was made at the same time the high school was being placed in lockdown in response to the threat against the middle school.”

Law enforcement reacted by deploying to the high school.

Edwards: “The timing of the two events made it seem as if they were all part of the same incident when, in fact, they were two separate unfortunate events.”

He said law enforcement responded swiftly and effectively and eventually took both individuals into custody.

Edwards said it does not appear that either individual had a weapon on campus or were ever in a position to carry out their threats.

Edwards: “We are proud of our school staff for following school training and protocol in responding to the threats and making our students’ safety their top priority. We want to thank our students, staff, parents, law enforcement and community members for their responses to these incidents.”