Lincoln woman scammed out of $42,000

An 87-year-old Lincoln woman told police that she was scammed out of $42,000 after being told her grandson had been jailed in Texas.

The woman received a call Saturday from someone she believed to be her grandson, who lives in Texas, Lincoln police said Monday. The caller told her that he had been arrested for a hit-and-run crash and needed bail money.

Another person on the call told the woman he was her grandson’s attorney and gave instructions on wiring money to a Wells Fargo account in Florida. The woman realized after sending the money that she had been defrauded and contacted police.

Authorities advise that people who receive similar calls should not make any decisions until they are able to determine whether the caller is authentic.

People who think they may have been a victim of fraud should report it to the FTC at or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.