Dad, two kids from Gretna go to Omaha hospital after eating brownies thought to contain marijuana

A Gretna dad and his two children went to an Omaha hospital Saturday after they ate brownies that were suspected of containing marijuana.

The man’s wife told police that her husband found the brownies about 7 a.m. in the refrigerator of a bed and breakfast they were staying at near 24th and Harney Streets. The 32-year-old dad said he assumed the brownies had been left for the family by their host.

The father said he ate a piece of the brownies and then gave one piece each to his daughters, ages 4 and 2.

The family apparently became suspicious something was wrong with the brownies and went to the Nebraska Medical Center to be checked out.

The father and the girls were held for observation. The brownies were given to police.

The incident is under investigation, a police spokesman said Monday.