Convention, Sports Arena Funds Benefit NC Library

NEBRASKA CITY – The first grant from the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund to Nebraska City will help fortify the public library’s limestone features.

Library Director Donna Kruse said the $202,000 grant will be used to seal cracks, repair deteriorated stones and extend the life-expectancy of the historic building.

The city is expected to provide $101,250 for the project at the Morton-James Public Library.

The fund is supported by a turn-back of 30 percent of new sales tax generated by arenas constructed under state programs for sports arena financing and convention center facilities. Mayor Bryan Bequette noted that a legislative bill passed last spring requires some of the funds to be used outside of metropolitan areas.

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced in May the fund’s contributions of $375,000 for the swimming pool at Tecumseh and $140,000 for a community center in Sterling.

Other awards in 2018

  • Arapahoe: Arapahoe Public Library ([Planning] $10,000 award).
    · Farnam: Farnam Community Center ([Planning] $5,750).
    · Fullerton: Powerhouse Building ([Planning] $8,000).
    · Gibbon: Gibbon Fire Hall and Community Center ([Planning]
    · Gothenburg: Gothenburg Community Center ([Planning] $6,000).
    · Hebron: Hebron Aquatic Center ([Planning] $10,000).
    · Hickman: Hickman Aquatic Center ([Planning] $9,750).
    · Valentine: Valentine City Gym ([Planning] 10,000).
    · Ogallala: Goodall City Library ($375,000).
    · Stromsburg: Historic Band Stand ($272,000).
    · Papillion: Papillion Landing Community Center ($750,000).
    · Wisner: Wisner City Auditorium ($375,000).
    · Tecumseh: Tecumseh Aquatic Center ($375,000).
    · Central City: Dark Island Park ($375,000).
    · Potter: Potter Community Hall ($300,000).
    · Geneva: Geneva Multi-Generational Community Center and
    Gymnasium ($375,000).
    · Sidney: Hickory Street Square ($250,000).
    · Osceola: Osceola Civic Center ($110,441).
    · Manley: Manley Community Center ($19,000).
    · Blue Hill: Blue Hill Pool Project ($375,000).
    · Tekamah: Tekamah Auditorium ($375,000).
    · Sterling: Sterling Community Center ($140,236)