Bellevue West students, staff return to school after evacuation due to threat

Bellevue West High School was evacuated Tuesday for a little more than two hours after a threat was issued against the school, officials said.

A Bellevue schools official said police learned of the threat and alerted Bellevue West administrators.

The school was evacuated around 9:30 a.m. and students and staff were allowed back inside the building around 11:45 a.m., Bellevue schools officials said.

No injuries were reported.

A Bellevue schools official said about 1,700 students and about 120 staff members were evacuated.

In an email to parents soon after the school was evacuated, school officials said: “We are working closely with Bellevue police and will provide updates as soon as they become available.”

Bellevue schools officials said the threat was made through a phone call.

Grace Dowling, 18, said she was in class when the fire alarm sounded very briefly and then a message over the intercom system urged students to evacuate immediately.

Dowling, whose last day of classes as a senior is Wednesday, said students were kept away from the school and gathered in groups on the school’s football field and baseball diamond.

Dowling said authorities using dogs carefully covered the school and its grounds.

“The threat seemed credible,” she said about the police presence.

A mother of a student said authorities also checked vehicles in the Bellevue West parking lot.