Armored car guard loses gun he left on truck’s bumper

An armored car guard told police that he lost a semiautomatic pistol in midtown Omaha after leaving it on the rear bumper of his work vehicle before driving away.

The gun was lost about 6:30 a.m. Thursday as the guard left Rochester Armored Car near 40th and Leavenworth Streets, according to a police report. The pistol is described as a Smith & Wesson FNS .40-caliber, valued at $400.

The 32-year-old guard told police Friday that he placed the gun, a holster, ammunition and a flashlight on the bumper as he was preparing for his shift. He was called away for a time, the guard said, and forgot about the items when he returned.

The guard said he didn’t realize what had happened until shortly after leaving the area. Video from his work site shows the items on the bumper as he pulled away.

A search of the area failed to turn up the gun or other items.