Warriors Host Midland Collegiate Cup; Numerous Records Set

FREMONT, Neb. – Midland University hosted their first powerlifting meet of the season on Saturday inside Hopkins Arena in Fremont, Nebraska. The Warriors took home the team title as well as several individual titles as well.

Nineteen newcomers saw their first collegiate lifting action for Midland in the home meet. Carter Welch, Kevin Vuong, Alexandra Lazarus, and Natali Dominguez were four that also set records in their opening meet of the year.

Welch, a freshman from Bloomer, Wisconsin who won the Men’s Raw -120 division, set a Wisconsin state record for total (1,664.5 lbs.) and squat (639.3 lbs.) in both the Teen III and Junior divisions.

Vuong, a freshman from Fremont, Nebraska, won the Men’s Raw 120+ division and set state records in bench (352.7 lbs.), squat (622.8 lbs.) and total (1,526.7 lbs.) for his age and weight in Teen III.

Lazarus, a freshman from Shreveport, Louisiana, placed second in the Women’s Raw -43 division but set a state Junior record for squat (165.3 lbs.) and Teen III records for deadlift (209.4 lbs.), squat, and total (463 lbs.).

Dominguez, a freshman from Mertzon, Texas, won the Women’s Raw -43 division and set state record in the bench press (121.3 lbs.), deadlift (275.6 lbs.), squat (198.4 lbs.), and total (595.2 lbs.) for the Junior division.

Others winning their respective division were:

–        Mikaela Liebfried – Women’s Equipped -57 division (826.7 lbs. total)

–        Brittany Bond – Women’s Equipped 84+ division (1,058.2 lbs. total)

–        Skyleigh Sears – Women’s Raw -57 division (744.1 lbs. total)

–        Luisa Cruz – Women’s Raw -63 division (793.7 lbs. total)

–        Marissa Olvera – Women’s Raw -72 division (738.5 lbs. total)

–        Marissa Lutz – Women’s Raw -84 division (892.9 lbs. total)

–        Makenna Henderson – Women’s Raw 84+ division (909.4 lbs. total)

–        Ian Hernandez – Men’s Raw -66 division (1,047.2 lbs. total)

–        Connor Finnegan – Men’s Raw -83 division (1,372.4 lbs. total)

–        Sebastian Sanchez – Men’s Raw -93 division (1,196 lbs. total)

–        Joseph Bueno – Men’s Raw -105 division (1,234.6 lbs. total)

The meet was the first of two home meets this year with the next one scheduled for Saturday, December 7. That is the next meet on the Warriors’ schedule as well.