Midland Takes Third at ACUI National Championships

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Midland University’s shotgun sports team finished third at the 2018 ACUI Division I National Championships held March 26-31. The Warriors also captured two individual titles.

The Warriors hit 2,437 targets for the third-place finish. Lindenwood University won the national championship for the 15th straight year, followed by Texas A&M.

Paige Denny captured the Women’s American Trap Open title by hitting all 100 of her targets and then winning a shoot-off. Alicia Dale also won a shoot-off to capture the Women’s International Trap Open championship.

“Overall, we had a good performance by the athletes,” Coach Bret Erickson said. “This is the first year of moving up to Division I, and it was a solid showing. We had a couple of bad events, which took us out of the High Over All but tied for first in trap, finished second in skeet and third in super sporting and international trap.”

Midland’s American trap team of Cody Grant, Paige Denny, Hunter Edwards, Canyon Ferris, and Bradyn Snell hit 497 of 500 targets but lost a shoot-off with Lindenwood to finish second. Keenan Kremke, Hunter Reining, Billy Miller, Lake Heaton, and Ferris finished second in American skeet by hitting 494 targets, just three behind Lindenwood.

Dale, William Faeth, and Drew Cropper combined for 290 targets to finish third in International trap while Jake McThenia, Dino Manuel, Kremke, Shaun Mallett, and Denny hit 457 targets for third place in super sporting.

In International skeet, Midland’s Cole Collier, Heaton, and River Kelly finished fourth with 274 targets. Miller, McThenia, Manuel, Faeth, and Collier hit 425 targets for fifth in sporting clays.

“Hopefully this performance shows the underclassmen what is required to step up next year,” Erickson added.

More than 800 student-athletes participated in the national event.

Warriors who finished in the Top 25 of individual events included:

Collier was 11th in combined International events with 187, and 20th in International skeet with 93.

Cooper was 17th in International trap with 96 targets.

Dale also was 18th in American trap with 96 targets, 21st in combined trap with 194, and 22nd in sporting clays with 75

Denny also was 14th in International trap with 91 targets, and 15th in International skeet with 80.

Edwards was ninth in American trap with 99 targets.

Faeth was 20th in International trap with 96 targets.

Ferris was 12th in American trap with 99 targets, and 15th in combined American events with 197.

Grant was fourth in American trap with 100 targets.

Tessa Hardin was 17th in High Over All with 513 targets, eighth in sporting clays with 82, 16th in International skeet with 80, 17th in American skeet with 95, 19th in super sporting with 82.

Heaton was 1th in combined skeet events with 191 targets, and 17th in International skeet with 93.

Kremke was fifth in American skeet with 100 targets, 11th in combined American events with 197, and 21st in super sporting with 91.

Manuel was 16th in super sporting with 92 targets, and 24th in individual All American.

McThenia was 10th in support sporting with 94 targets, and 25th in combined clays with 179.

Miller was 13th in sporting clays with 90 targets, and 23rd in American skeet with 99 targets.

Reinig was fourth in American skeet Class A with 99 targets.

Snell was 13th in American trap with 99 targets.

Samantha Wagner was 20th in American skeet with 94 targets, 22nd in International skeet with 76, and 25th in American trap with 94.