Work has Finally Begun on Fremont Veteran Memorial Park **VIDEO**

FREMONT – Work has started on the new Veteran Memorial Park in Fremont but there’s still a lot to be done.

The Fremont Avenue of Flags recently began work on the project, which is located on Military Avenue with the Eternal Flame. Chris Madsen, a Fremont veteran and member of the Avenue of Flags, says they started by working on The Island.

“Currently we have all the flagpoles on The Island. The Island has always been established there with the Eternal Flame. What we are now calling The Island is Liberty Island,” said Madsen. “And that’s because a couple of the displays we are going to do once we complete the project. It’s an item that references liberty.”

The flagpoles contain flags representing every branch of the U.S. Military. Madsen says part of the project is to ensure that every local veteran from all branches are represented, remembered, and honored at the new park.

Some groundwork has also been done. Madsen claims they are on a time crunch. They have to get all the work they can done before the winter hits and the ground freezes. Once that happens, they’ll pick up work again in the spring. He adds that no matter what, they are moving forward with the project, but they still need as much local support as they can get.

“We are moving ahead with the project. And we still are looking for much more funding for the project,” said Madsen. “We do need local support from both businesses and individuals.  We still need a lot more support for the finalization of the overall project. We are hopefully set, at this point, for Memorial Day in May of 2018.”

There are veteran and memorial parks that honor service members all over the state of Nebraska. Madsen says he’s happy to finally see work being done to put one in Fremont, and that with all the veterans in the area, such a project is long overdue.

“We finally have a location where people can come and reflect and honor all the service men and women. All those who made it back home and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And those who are still missing,” said Madsen. “So it’s a place to reflect. And what we are also hoping is that kids can learn here. Teachers can take kids here, parents can take their kids here and learn about the sacrifice that all of our service members have made throughout the years.”

There are many ways that people interested in supporting the Veteran Memorial Park can help. Anyone interested can visit their Facebook page Fremont Veteran Memorial Park to contact Avenue of Flags or for more information. People can also email to contact Chris Madsen. Any donations can also be sent to PO Box 532, Fremont Avenue of Flags c/o Veterans Park.