Woman Pleads Guilty to Aiding and Abetting in the 2016 Shooting in Rural Dodge County

FREMONT – A Fremont woman pleaded guilty to Aiding and Abetting First Degree Assault in relation to a shooting that took place in 2016.

On June 5th, 2016 the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office released information claiming William Cady from Dodge City, Kansas and Fremont residents Andria N. Cady and Jacob Cross attempted to rob/assault Jason Marty of Fremont.

Officials report the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office investigated a shooting which had occurred in rural Dodge County. It was determined through law enforcement’s investigation that William Cady had shot Marty seven times. Marty did ultimately survive the shooting.

County Attorney Oliver Glass says it was determined in the investigation that Andria Cady, William’s estranged wife, lured Marty out to rural Dodge County, where she convinced William Cady to assault him. He adds there was no evidence proving she was aware her husband was carrying a gun.

“There is no evidence to show that Ms. Cady knew the co-defendant had a handgun concealed on his person and was going to shoot this individual,” said Glass. “There is evidence, however, to show that Ms. Cady lured this victim out to the country in rural Dodge County in order for the co-defendant to assault him.”

Andria Cady pleaded guilty in District Court on Monday morning to the charge of Aiding and Abetting First Degree Assault. The crime is a Class II Felony that can carry one to fifty years in prison.

Sentencing is set for January 16th, 2018 at 9 a.m. in Dodge County District Court.