Updated Information for North Bend Residents

Updated Information for North Bend Residents
Packages wait for their owners to claim them at North Bend Central. UPS and FedEx deliveries are being made to the high school for now.

NORTH BEND – The City of North Bend has put out several bulletins for their residents today:

  • In conjunction with City Council, this document is to aid in gathering information for government assistance: https://t.co/fDqc76GujV  and all North Bend residents are encouraged to fill the form out.
  • Don’t wash anything down your basement drains – mud, silt and sand will continue to overburden the sewer system and further delay getting the system back to 100%. Portable wash stations are on their way to North Bend for usage.
  • If anyone has borrowed squeegees or brooms and are done with them, please take them back to NBC so others may use them.
  • UPS and Fed Ex packages in North Bend are being delivered to the North Bend Central High School Art Room.
  • The Platte River Dike is holding.  However, it is weak and eroded spots and any rise in the river will cause problems.
  • Counseling is again available at NBC until 4:00PM today.  Counselors are also driving around North Bend in an NBC van, talking to people. Take a moment to speak to someone. Disasters are traumatic.
  • American Energy Advisors is offering free furnace and A/C checks in North Bend.  Call 402-881-8345.
  • Gambino’s and Tiger Pin is open for lunch today and Leroy’s will be open tonight.
  • Any domestic well that was covered with flood water should be tested before drinking the water. Get a test kit from Three Rivers Public Health Department.

The General Command Center, Volunteer Check-In, and Donation and Distribution Site for North Bend residents are all located at North Bend Central High School. For any general questions, call (402) 919-2337. If you want to volunteer in North Bend, provide equipment for clean up or volunteer your time for clean up, call (402) 919-3976. For donations or distribution of supplies, please call (402) 919-3976.

The North Bend Volunteer Fire Department shared this message on social media Thursday morning: “At this time, the Donation Depot at NBC is focused on accepting squeegees, scoop shovels, power washers, fans, and shop vacs. If you have finished using any of these items, please return them to the volunteer station (NBC main entrance) so others can use.”

For more information about North Bend operations, click here.