UPDATED Evacuation Orders, Shelter Info, Road Information as of Monday 3/18

FREMONT – The north Fremont area is still holding strong after multiple sandbagging operations created a berm south of town on Old Highway 275 near Morningside Road.

The evacuation orders for Deerfield area and Davenport area were lifted on Saturday, with a note for residents to make sure they are vigilant for any changes.

The evacuation orders for south Fremont (South of 1st street, south of the railroad tracks, between Pierce and Platte) and for all of Inglewood remain in effect as of 10AM on Monday.


  • First Lutheran Church – 3200 Military Ave – AT CAPACITY
  • Trinity Lutheran Church – 1546 N Luther Rd – AT CAPACITY
  • Salem Lutheran Church – 401 E Military Ave – AT CAPACITY
  • Fremont Nazarene Church – 960 Johnson Rd – AT CAPACITY
  • Fremont Middle School – 540 Johnson Rd – OPEN

Hooved animals, cats and dogs can be temporarily sheltered at Christensen Field. You are responsible for the food, bedding and caretaking of your animals.

MANDATORY EVACUATIONS mean your life is in danger. Voluntary evacuations are often done before water arrives in the area, or before a critical flood event begins, if water is expected to breach that region.

Stay out of these areas once you have evacuated. Do not risk your life or the lives of first responders by traveling into evacuated areas.

Evacuation orders now in place:

Saunders county Woodcliff area – Mandatory evacuation

Ventura Lake – Mandatory evacuation

West of Fremont at Meadow Brook, Westlake, Westgate, Royal Estates, Lake Leba, Fremont Lakes SRA area – Mandatory evacuation

Inglewood township – Mandatory evacuation

North Blair area “bottoms” – East of County Road 31; East of County Road P31 to County Road 10, East of County Road P33 South to County Road 18 – Mandatory evacuation

Valley and all surrounding developments – Mandatory evacuation

Saunders county near Marble, Nebraska: Lake Allure, Thomas Lakes and Big Sandy – Mandatory evacuation

Entire city of North Bend – Voluntary evacuation – residents are being asked to go to Snyder. If you are still within the city of North Bend, you must leave now – the water and sewer systems are compromised. Do not run or use tap water – do not flush toilets. Gather your supplies and head for Snyder Ballroom now.

City of Fremont – South of the railroad tracks from Pierce to Platte streets – voluntary evacuation

Lake Ventura – voluntary evacuation

Timberwood Lake – voluntary evacuation or shelter in place

Accompanying these evacuation orders are numerous road closures.

As of 11:00AM on Sunday, 3/17, there are no roads open to facilitate travel between Fremont and Omaha. 275 north has been reopened to Scribner, but no further. Do not travel on roads that are water covered. If water covering a road has receded, wait for county officials and the DOT to officially assess and reopen the roads. Gravel and dirt roads are damaged, dangerous and unstable.

Before you attempt to travel, please check www.511.nebraska.gov for official road status – if the road is not officially open, it has not been assessed by authorities and you could be risking your life by traveling on it.

Authorities have received several reports of people stranding themselves on county roads between Fremont and Omaha due to rumored routes between the cities circulating on social media. Remember that road conditions are highly unstable right now, and the luck of one person may not hold for you. Do not risk your life and the lives of first responders.