Updated Evacuation Orders: Several Evacuation Orders Lifted, Others Still in Place as of 9AM Wednesday

Updated Evacuation Orders: Several Evacuation Orders Lifted, Others Still in Place as of 9AM Wednesday
Photo provided by the Village of Inglewood

INGLEWOOD – Numerous evacuation orders were lifted on Tuesday for residents of Inglewood, south Fremont, several lakeside neighborhoods, and Valley which have been evacuated for days due to flood waters rushing in from the Platte River.

In a message released from from Village of Inglewood Chairman Albert Nielsen, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office advised Inglewood residents that they can return home and asses the damage to homes at this time (9AM Tuesday) but advised caution.

Water covered most of the roads throughout Inglewood and they remain strewn with debris. Roads are passable, but motorists are urged to go slowly and carefully. The sewer system is functional and usable at this time. “It was assessed by city officials,” the message related. The power to homes is on, but the Village warns that it may not be working properly – use caution.

Clean up will be a long process that will require many hands – if you wish volunteer to assist Inglewood residents, please organize at Clarmar Elementary School’s Volunteer Resource Center.

South City of Fremont is also released from the evacuation order with many of the same cautions. The City of Fremont states:

  • Residents can return home and assess damage.
  • Water did cover many of the roads in the southwest portion of town. Please use extreme caution when going into that area.
  • The power to homes is on. Please use caution as infrastructure may have been compromised.
  • If you see downed power lines or smell gas, leave the area and call 402-727-2600.
  • The Fremont Transfer Station is being assessed now. We will send an update as soon as possible regarding where to take flood debris.

Woodcliff Lakes has been released from its mandatory evacuation. John Menning, Woodcliff Lakes HOA Director, estimates 25-30 houses had water enter their homes, with a handful of those sustaining significant damage. Most of this water came before the community erected a berm to protect the area, which worked well to constrict the flow of water. Woodcliff residents are welcome to return today.

Timberwood Lake has also been released from any need to evacuate or be alert for water. Only a handful of homes at this location reported damage, but the entrance road is washed out.

Lake Ventura is fully functional and out of any evacuation order today. No flooding damage was reported to this location, as the water followed the break in a nearby dike and flowed away from the homes here.

The City of Valley has also ended their mandatory evacuation. The city administration along with Mayor Carroll are currently organizing clean up and relief efforts for the city. As to water damage, Carroll says that most of the water damage was to basements.  Most of the flooding in Valley, according to Caroll, was due to the storm sewer system backing up when it couldn’t cope with the deluge of water. Some sanitary sewers backed up into basements. The water, sewer, gas and electric systems are fully functional as of 2:30PM Tuesday. Valley’s roads are in mixed conditions. Seven spots are undermined and will require major repairs. Exercise caution.

Shelter Information

Shelter operations are being consolidated. As of 12:00PM Tuesday, NEMA listed three shelter locations in Fremont:

  • Fremont Middle School, 540 Johnson Road
  • First Lutheran Church, 3200 Military Avenue
  • Salem Lutheran Church, 401 E. Military Avenue

New information on continuing evacuations:

VILLAGE OF WINSLOW – Water is continuing to run out of Winslow,  but according to the Dodge County Sheriff’s office, tentatively the plan is to let residents back in to assess damage and get belongings today. To get into Winslow you MUST check in to Hooper fire station, receive verification and then go to Winslow. There will be a “check out time,” by which the city must be re-evacuated on Tuesday night. Authorities will communicate this time to you once it has been decided.

Water is still covering some of town, but moving out by pumps at this time. Sewer and water is compromised. There is a meeting with the Red Cross scheduled for 1pm at the Hooper fire station on Tuesday afternoon. This is an informational meeting only.

CITY OF FREMONT – City Building Inspectors will begin going door to door in the southwest portion of town today. Each property will receive a placard noting the status of the property. These are placed for your safety. Please heed the warnings stated on them.

Regency is not accessible at this time. Ridge Road is not safe. Crosby Street to Pierce Street from 3rd Street to South Street is not safe. Barricades have been moved to block these areas. Please be aware of your surroundings.

NORTH BEND – The city of North Bend had an informational meeting on Tuesday night for residents. The water is now safe to drink and to use. The sewer system is functional, but still has some blockages. For now, citizens are under a limited usage order – quick showers only and flush toilets sparingly.

Other Continuing Evacuations:

Ames, West of Fremont at Meadow Brook, Westlake, Westgate, Royal Estates, Lake Leba, Rod & Gun Club area, Fremont Lakes SRA area – Mandatory evacuation