Two New K9s Join the Nebraska State Patrol

Two New K9s Join the Nebraska State Patrol
Koda (right), Amos (left). Courtesy: Nebraska State Patrol

LINCOLN — Two new dogs have joined the Nebraska State Patrol after finishing months of training.

Two-year-old Koda and 15-month-old Amos are now dual-purpose K9s who trained for patrol and detecting controlled substances. Koda is partnered with Trooper Jessie Pfeifer in Norfolk, and Amos is partnered with Trooper Brent Potthoff in Sidney. They both live and work with their trooper handlers.

Both the dogs have already been busy too. Just last week Koda helped find 141 pounds of marijuana in someone’s car.

The two K9s join nine other dogs across the state, and another will be joining the team in a couple months.