Two Dodge County Vehicles Reported Stolen in Two Days

FREMONT – Authorities have taken two stolen vehicle reports in two days. One vehicle was recovered in the company of two runaway juveniles, but the other vehicle remains at large.

On Monday morning around 6AM, a 2009 Honda Pilot bearing the license plate 5-C7352 was stolen from a Fremont home in the 600 block of west 5th Street.  The owner reported the car had been left running outside and unattended.

Later that day, the vehicle was located in Cedar Bluffs, NE by the Saunders County Sheriff’s Department after it was involved in a crash. Two juvenile boys, both 14 years old and both reported as runaways from Fremont on Sunday 05/05/2019, were found near the car.  The boys were interviewed by Fremont Police Detective Bureau and were charged with Motor Vehicle Theft, Conspiracy and Juvenile(s) in Need of Special Supervision.  The boys were placed into detention.

Another car was stolen this morning from an address in Uehling.  Just after 3 o’clock this morning, a red 2013 Hyundai Elantra four-door bearing Nebraska license plate 5-B5912 was taken from the driveway of a residence on 5th Street in Uehling.  The car was left running and unattended for only moments before it was taken.  This car was valued at $3,500. Contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office with any information about this theft.