Twin River Students Raising Distracted Driving Awareness

GENOA – A powerful video from a group of Twin River High School students is looking to curtail distracted driving.

The video was produced by members of the school’s FCCLA organization, which looks to help bridge the gap between the youth and the community. The idea for the message came about from a conference the students attended last fall, where a speaker spoke about FCCLA’s iBuckleUp weBuckleUp campaign.

The video depicts a mock accident caused by texting and driving, and the students were assisted by Genoa rescue teams to make the crash as realistic as possible. The four students in the video also wrote letters of apology to their parents for being involved in a distracted driving crash.

The students say that the response from the community has been overwhelming, and the goal is to reach as many different communities as possible with their message. The full video can be scene at the link below.