Three Rivers Tips on Staying Healthy on Thanksgiving

FREMONT – Thanksgiving is here and Three Rivers Public Health Department wants to remind people about staying healthy and food safety when preparing that traditional meal.

Health Educator with the department Carmen Dickes says this time of year people are making large quantities of food, and some are even travelling with it. There are ways to keep our families safe and healthy, and Dickes says one way is to be aware of food temperatures.

The biggest rule from Three Rivers: keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Another area of food and safety that comes up around the Thanksgiving holiday is leftovers and how to properly store them. Dickes says it’s important to remember it’s better to store food in various small dishes.

“When we’re storing leftovers, we want our leftovers to be stored in several shallow dishes rather than one large dish,” said Dickes. “That way, the more surface area that is exposed to the refrigerated air, the quicker it cools down. Once it gets cold and you reheat it, you want to get it back up to that 165 degrees again to kill any bacteria.”

Dickes also recommends thawing the Thanksgiving turkey in the refrigerator and not on the counter tops. She adds it’s best to store leftovers after they have been out in room temperature for two hours.

Dickes states this is also the time of year where people tend to binge eat or overeat. She says one of the most important tips on how to feel better throughout the day is to not skip breakfast.

“It’s very tempting to want to skip breakfast and save your appetite for the main meal. But skipping breakfast is only going to make you binge eat later,” said Dickes. “It doesn’t jump start your metabolism the way it normally would if you eat your breakfast and a healthy lunch. You can eat lighter during breakfast and lunch, but don’t skip it.”

Three Rivers Public Health Department is located at 2400 N. Lincoln Avenue in Fremont. They can also be reached by calling (402) 727-5396.