There’s a New Dog in Town **VIDEO**

FREMONT – Walnut Radio in Fremont is proud to announce a new radio station for the region: Big Dog Radio.

The new station is broadcasting on 98.9 FM and is simulcast on 1340 AM. The new station replaces the former news talk 1340 KHUB-AM.

“A few months back, we asked listeners what they would want in a new radio station and the answer was unanimous,” said Station Manager Chris Walz. “Listeners want a local country music station they can call their own – one that plays the best country music of yesterday, and the best new stuff, too.”

On February 1, 2018, Big Dog Radio was born. Big Dog features the music that made country great and the new stuff, too. Plus, listeners can still catch Rich Ray in the morning and Bob Flitte at noon and five. Big Dog promises an even bigger commitment to local news, weather, sports, and agricultural news. Big Dog Radio will broadcast area high school sports, as well as Midland University and Husker sports. For a complete programming schedule visit

“We are very excited to extend our radio offerings in the Fremont area,” said Walz, “and we look forward to serving the area as The Hometown Country station.”