Tecumseh Corporals Accused Of Providing K2 To Prison

TECUMSEH – Prosecutors say a father and son team working at the Tecumseh State Prison conspired to provide synthetic marijuana to an inmate.

Corporals Richard Fries, 53, and Ryan Tokar, 31, are scheduled for arraignment in Johnson County Court on Dec. 6.

Court records say Fries, who has worked at the prison since January, was approached by an inmate asking when Tokar was going to deliver the K2.

An affidavit says Fries told investigators he confronted Tokar about the question. Fries said he later concealed the K2 in his coat to enter the prison and put it in a trash can in the housing unit where the inmate lives.

He told investigators that Tokar, who has worked at the prison since November of 2016, provided Fries with the K2.  Court records say Tokar was supposed to deliver the K2, but had lost his access to the housing unit.