State Treasurer Stenberg Delivers Over $4,000 in Unclaimed Property to Midland U

FREMONT – Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg visted Fremont and Arlington today to visit with students at Johnson Crossing Academic Center and Arlington High School about financial literacy. During his trip, he stopped at Midland University with a check.



Treasurer Stenberg oversees the state’s Unclaimed Property program, which returned $15.3 million in unclaimed property last year to 16,748 owners. Common forms of unclaimed property are insurance proceeds, uncashed paychecks, refunds, rental or utility deposits, stocks, dividends, savings bonds, matured CDs and lost IRAs. By law, businesses who have lost the lawful recipient of funds from any of these sources are required to send those funds to the Treasurer of the state.

“Returning unclaimed property is one of my favorite parts of being state treasurer,” said Stenberg. The unclaimed property funds presented to Midland University totaled $4153.27 – a cumulative total comprised of many sources, such as receivables from NelNet, a refund from DirectTV, and a $3,000+ life insurance payout from Verna Ida Hudson. Hudson was a longtime Fremont resident who named the University as a beneficiary of her policy and passed away in 2011.

You can check to see if you or someone you know has unclaimed property by visiting the Treasurer’s website.