State Patrol Warns Of Scam Using NSP Phone Number

(800) 727-6432

- Consumer Protection

OMAHA   — The Nebraska State Patrol issued an alert today of a phone scam that appears to be coming from the state patrol’s Omaha office.

Cpt. Brenda Konfrst of the Troop A office said the “spoofing” scam threatens people regarding student loans and IRS involvement.

Konfrst said the state patrol does not contact people about student loans or IRS activity and said the state patrol rarely reaches out by telephone to make initial contacts involving official matters.

She said victims of this spoofing scam can report it to the  Consumer Protection Division of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office or call the consumer protection line at (800) 727-6432.

The state patrol warns citizens never to give out personal information in response to an unexpected call. Use caution if you are being pressured for information immediately.