Small Business Saturday Spotlights Local Stores

NORFOLK — John Steadman welcomes any chance to get extra promotion for his store.

That’s why the owner of Norfolk Natural Market and several other small business owners in Norfolk have embraced Small Business Saturday. The national campaign has been localized by the Norfolk Area Small Business Resource Team through a scavenger hunt encouraging residents to visit select businesses.

Steadman says the clues drew in customers.

“It was nice. We saw a lot of new people and that’s what you’re always hoping for, a little more exposure so people know there’s more options around,” Steadman said.

Participants could win as much as $500 by deciphering the clues, visiting the businesses and turning the scavenger hunt in.

Steadman says it’s good for area businesses to work together on projects like this.

“All business that thrives down here helps other businesses thrive,” Steadman said. “It just makes sense for us to not only promote ourselves but to co-promote other groups too.”