Siemer Auto Owner Facing 15 Federal Fraud Related Charges

OMAHA – Former Siemer Auto Center owner, Jason Siemer, has been charged with fraud and other crimes in federal court. He faces up to 330 years in jail, if he’s found guilty and if maximum/consecutive sentencing is applied.

Siemer, who authorities have charged with 13 counts of wire fraud, 2 counts of false statements, and one count of money laundering, is alleged to have obtained nearly 10 million dollars in funding through lines of credit with four different lenders. These lines were opened using fraudulent or criminally incomplete financial statements. Siemer is alleged to have concealed his debts to each lender from the others using these statements.

To purchase stock for Siemer Auto Center, Siemer would use his lines of credit to purchase vehicles at auction. Then, when those vehicles sold at a profit, Siemer should have paid off the debt on each line. Instead, authorities allege he also used the credit lines for private expenses and leisure or to purchase cars for himself and friends. The debts were never fully paid – credit lines totaling $9.7 million dollars in credit were left with $3 million dollars in debt when Siemer Auto Center went out of business in December 2016.

Civil suits have been filed by at least two of the banks, Automotive Capital Services, and United Republic Bank.  Siemer was found liable for $1.1 million in the suit from United Republic, and the Automotive Capital Services suit is still awaiting a hearing.