Shelter Opens in Norfolk

NORFOLK – After today’s flooding emergency declared by the City of Norfolk, a shelter opened up for those stuck or unable to travel.

Lutheran High Northeast in Norfolk opened it’s doors Wednesday afternoon to take in people who may need a place to stay from the flooding.

Daniel Seivert, Principal of Lutheran High Northeast says they were happy to host the Red Cross and Salvation Army after the city asked.

“Apparently we’re going to have some need. We don’t know the level yet, but we’ve figured out how to set up cots and we’re going to be here all night and see what type of numbers show up. We have some great helpers from the Red Cross a d have a Salvation Army chef here, so we’re ready to go.” Seivert says.

Sievert says they don’t know how many people will show up to the shelter, but they have enough food and supplies to help.

“No one we’ve talked to today has been able to predict whats going to happen with evacuations and relocations. I know that the people we have already showing up now are pretty thankful to have a roof over their head.”

The Salvation Army of Norfolk also is donating to the shelter, providing a food truck to feed anyone who needs it. Supplied for enough food for 100 people, with more on reserve.

Jesus Trejo, Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army says the situation is unfortunate, but they will try to make it the best they can.

We’re just kind of, you know, helping out on this end so that people that are evacuated, when they come here, that we can be able to provide for them a place of refuge. I hope they are able to make it to their homes, but of they need to, yeah, I think that we would see people coming here, yeah.” Trejo says.

Lutheran High Northwest has cancelled classes for Thursday, so the shelter can stay open while the flood waters have a chance to recede and gives people a chance to return home.